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Kim Kardashian Clips

If you haven’t watched Kim Kardashian Sex Tape yet, then these clips will give you enough reasons to get your hands on copy of it. View Superstar Kim K has her big booty split apart with Ray J’s huge black dick…

Kim Kardashian Clips from Tape

Kim Kardashian Screenshots

The day after Kim Kardashian Sex Tape has been released several screenshots from video hit the internet. And even if you haven’t seen the tape yet, these previews will give you a great idea of what to expect from it…

Kim Kardashian Screenshots

These are just some of them posted at Hot Porn News, follow the link below for the rest.

Kim Kardashian Tape starts on the beach, where Kim parades in her sexy bikini, hides from the sun and splashes in the water. Ray J follows her everywhere with cam, warming us and himself up for hardcore action later in hotel room with the sights of Kim Kardashian’s beautiful body.

Kim Kardashian Sex Tape is filmed for the viewer, Ray J talks on cam several times and shows his hot girlfriend Kim K from her best sides. As if Ray J knew it was going to be featured online. And I already can say that Kim Kardashian beat her best friend Paris Hilton on this one, with both her performances and popularity she gained from it…

More Screenshots from Kim Kardashian Video

Download Kim Kardashian Video Here

Kim Kardashian Superstar

Kim Kardashian Superstar Superstar Kim Kardashian’s video has been released in March of 2007 after Vivid, the network which features stars like Briana Banks and Jenna Jameson, acquired the distribution rights on her Sex Tape for one million dollars.

The video has been filmed three years ago by Kim Kardashian back then boyfriend Ray J, with whom she was on vacation. It contains extracts from Kim Kardashian Ray J home footage as well as actual sex action everybody is talking about with lots of explicit big cock sucking and huge ass fucking scenes you will like…

I will try to get you few samples with Kim Kardashian Superstar by the next post. And follow the link below for the full video.

Watch Kim Kardashian Superstar Video

Kim Kardashian Blog

So who is Kim Kardashian? In a few words, a girl who became famous after her Sex Tape has been released on the Internet in the beginning of the last year. Just like her friend did.

Seems like Sex Tape posted Online these days can make monkey a celebrity. But it is not like that. Unless you have a great body, huge natural breasts and luscious booty like Kim K, your best friend is Paris Hilton (who gained popularity with her own sex tape earlier before, remember?), your father is a lawyer of such star as O J Simpsons and father-in-law is an Olympic Champion. Oh, and besides that, you should suck a long black cock of some known pop artist like Ray J. Sounds doable?

Well, it was for Superstar Kim at least. In the last year she became a celebrity whom people talk about in pubs and admire in high-schools. The whole world buzz about her and her assets. She is invited to popular reality shows for interviews (Tyra Bank’s show) and followed by papparazzi everywhere. Not bad for 45 minutes of work with your mouth and ass, you think?

The one thing you can’t argue with - the final result. Which is fantastic. No matter if you are a fan of Kim Kardashian Ray J or hater, heard about them from your friends and interested in seeing the tape now, or simply enjoy watching a beautiful natural girl pounded in all her holes by black pole and video taped, then Kim Kardashian Superstar tape is for you. Enjoyment guaranteed!

Read more about Kim Kardashian

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Kim Kardashian Porn

Here’s another series of hot screenshots taken from Kim Kardashian official porn video which is available for downloading at her official site right now. Clearly, lots of thought and effort has been put into making this video or it wouldn’t be as quality as it come out to be.

Kim Kardashian Porn

No doubt Kim deserves all the publicity that she keeps on enjoying years after the initial video release. The girl has shown us everything we wanted her to do on video. This includes revealing her big tits, demonstrating her sucking skills and taking a thick cock up her monstrous but extremely sexy butt…

View Kim Kardashian Porn Tape

Kim Kardashian

Superstar Kim Kardashian made her appearance in public with the release of her Sex Tape. Many of you hadn’t known who Kim K was before the beginning of the last year. She doesn’t have any talents to become famous for, cock sucking skill is not a talent, right? But Kimberly proved it again, just like her friend-in-the past Paris Hilton, that you do not need to have any to be popular. And there is something similar between these two.

Paris Hilton started by making noise at celebrity parties, then TV and finished it off with Paris Hilton Sex Tape, then another one. While Kim Kardashian decided to get fucked on camera first and then get naked for Playboy magazine and make her reality show The Kardashians. It worked for both of them and that’s what really important.

I add link to sample clip from Kim Kardashian Tape latest release for you to see, if your still haven’t watched Superstar Kim Kardashian sex on tape yet. The whole world already have ;)

Check Out Kim Kardashian Tape Clip and then

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Kim Kardashian Getting Fucked

Sure Kim Kardashian has plenty to show in her video, but if there would be a need to point the hottest scene in the video than it will be the one on the screen shot below. Considering that neither superstar Kim nor singer Ray J have any directing skills they capture the moment just perfectly.

Kim Kardashian Getting Fucking

That moment features Ray J’s long black cock entering Kardashian’s juicy ass from behind. The tip of massive cock is a perfect match for an ass like that as it slides in effortlessly. Play the video to see Kim’s booty shakes like a jelly when her boyfriend starts to hammer it with his meat stick…

View Kim Kardashian Ass Fuck On Tape

Kim Kardashian Tape

Kim Kardashian may became popular after the world saw her Sex Tape and after she has been friends with Paris Hilton for awhile, but it is not the only image she has. Kimberly is a co-owner of known clothing shop in Calabasas, which she run together with her sisters Kourtney and Khloe. Kim K is also a regular at most popular parties and invited to biggest events around the world, hence how she met Paris Hilton.

Superstar Kim Kardashian writes about her lifestyle at her official blog. You can read there about places she visits, people she meets and clothes she wears. It’s nice to see some personality between the pair of amazing boobs and gorgeous booty. No word about Kim Kardashian Tape though.

Kim Kardashian Tape is worth to see and if you like it, and there are no reasons that you don’t, you can even meet Kim Kardashian for real in clubs she mentions…

See Kim Kardashian On Tape

Kim Kardashian Sex Tape

Kim Kardashian Sex Tape In fact this Kim Kardashian Sex Tape was not the only tape Kim Kardashian had made with her boyfriend Ray J. There were others, but none of them Kimberly was going to sell or show to the wide audience. “I would never attempt to sell a tape. It would humiliate me and ruin my family. I have two successful businesses, and I don’t need the money” she said in her interview for Daily News. So Kim Kardashian Superstar footage was stolen.

Doesn’t it remind you a story of the latest Paris Hilton Sex Tape (check this post) discovered in the locker which Paris didn’t pay for and then auctioned? Or how about Pamela Anderson Sex Tape, which was also stolen from her boyfriends house. Coincidence or maybe celebrities try to make interesting stories for their first movie premiers?

Anyway, the results in all mentioned cases are fantastic and even if you haven’t seen Kim Kardashian Tape before now it’s a great opportunity to know what happens in celebrities bedrooms…

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Jessica Sierra Tape

Several months after the premier of Kim Kardashian Tape the production company Vivid released sex tape of another Superstar Jessica Sierra. Jessica is a former contestant at ‘American Idol’ show, she made it to the final but her solo career ended up on that. We would probably forget about her at that point if not Jessica Sierra Tape which was discovered earlier.

Jessica Sierra is nowhere near as sexy as Kim Kardashian nor she is as popular as her either. She doesn’t have friends like Paris Hilton, but she is one hell of a slut. In Jessica Sierra Sex Tape you can hear her making harsh comments on camera, telling dirty stories about other contestants, smoking cigarette and cock. She takes the latter one up the ass also.

So if you were charmed by Jessica Sierra before or you are after a guide into ‘American Idol’ behind the scenes then watch Jessica Sierra Superstar tape for the true facts…

Jessica Sierra Sex Tape