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Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Review

Kim Kardashian Sex Tape stands out among other Celebrities Sex Tapes for many reasons. First of all, it is of better clarity, because it has been created recently with new technologies used and most of the other celebrity tapes are old. Old tapes were filmed on tape, then stolen, encoded to digital format and later uploaded online which resulted in quality loss at each step. Secondly, there is actually sex action in Kardashian Sex Tape. You will see Kim teasing, sucking, fucking in various positions and getting her pussy eaten by boyfriend Ray J -

Kim Kardashian Sex Tape

That is plenty of action in comparison to other celeb sex tapes which are limited to lots of talking like Paris Hilton Tape and a few sex scene. Finally, Kim Kardashian is so much hotter than your average celebrity today, with her pretty face, huge natural breasts and enormous round booty…

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Kim Kardashian Blowjob

If you have missed episode with Kim Kardashian giving blowjob to Ray J then here’s a clip for you. From this video you can appreciate Kim K’s cock sucking skills. And that’s just the beginning of her Sex Tape which you can get here -

Kim Kardashian Blowjob

Like what you see? Download full Kim Kardashian Sex Tape with Kimberly sucking her boyfriend’s long black cock and taking it into her big round ass like superstar…

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Kim Kardashian Special Offer

As you may know Vivid Entertainment owns the rights on Kim Kardashian Tape distribution, they initially paid one million dollars for this honor. Vivid also has a huge network of websites and feature several other Celebrity Sex Tapes, including Jessica Sierra Tape and recently released Jimi Hendrix Sex Tape.

So reason I’m writing all this is because Vivid running a special offer now. Each subscribtion to Kim Kardashian Sex Tape download gives access to the entire network of their Celebrity Porn sites. How’s that? To get advantage of this offer follow the link below…

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Kim Kardashian No Clothes On

Famous Playboy footage of Kim Kardashian that she agreed to do soon after the official release of her scandalous sex tape. It is the same photo shoot which she discusses with her mom in one of the series of The Kardashians. Of course, everyone understands that it was more of a formality than a decision maker or why else a girl who appeared sucking and fucking a big long cock on tape would hesitate to pose nude in the studio of such popular male magazine. Surely, this wasn’t because she was afraid of revealing her sexy figure, big juicy tits and a huge round ass…

Kim Kardashian No Clothes On

Celebrity Sex

Besides seeing your favorite celebrities such as Kim Kardashian having sex in purposefully created Celebrity Sex Tapes, you can also watch them fuck in Hollywood movie scenes. They may not be as explicit, but there is enough nudity and sometimes even more passion than when they do it on tape…

Celebrity Sex Movies

Kim Kardashian Tape Clips

Some clips from Kim Kardashian Tape with her sexy ass getting worked by Ray J black hummer. Kim K playing with camera while letting her boyfriend take care of her back side. Ray takes advantage of the opportunity and sticks his meat monster between Kimberly’s luscious ass cheeks, he fucks her sweet pussy until Kim starts to scream ‘I’m cumming…’ - just the way they do it in Hollywood movie clips or don’t they?

Kim Kardashian Tape Clips

Anyway, to watch full Kim Kardashian Tape and warm cum landing on her beautiful body follow the link below…

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Celebrity Nudes

An addition to Celebrity Porn blog in form of an archive page that contains links to nude picture and movie galleries with all naked celebrities (including Kim Kardashian, of course) posted there since the site opening. Asian hottie Tila Tequila, Italian superstar Gisele Bundchen and American beauty Jessica Biel are just ones of the recently added ones…

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Kim Kardashian Surgery

Kim Kardashian Surgery I hear some concerns being raised about Kim Kardashian body. Some say Kim K is packing breast implants, while others insist on her having plastic surgeries to get that amazing look she has now. And she does look gorgeous, I saw even females agree that Kim Kardashian has a great body (Playboy did a good job with showing it in all its glory). It is understandable where these concerns are coming from, but I won’t point finger.

Just accept, Kim Kardashian is all natural. She is armenian, Armenia was part of former USSR and it has a lot of big breasted chicks like Kimberly. As for her huge ass, it looks like Kim has been feeding it from her early ages and now she describes different fitness programs at her official site. Thanks to Internet though, since 2005 big ass became an asset on its own, which is appreciated by many. That’s also another reason why we like Sexy Kim Kardashian so much.

A picture is from Kim Kardashians recent trip to Sydney, Australia where she is now. Give me a call if you decide to hit Melbourne, babe…

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Kim Kardashian Playboy Pics

Remember this Kim Kardashian Playboy series posted earlier which have had several of her nude pictures taken straight up from that magazine issue? The following Celebrity Porn site has posted them in full size for everyone to enjoy. Remind you those were the first quality pics since the tape release in which Kim has shown everything including a set of her massive boobs barely covered with see-through fabric and smoothly shaved pussy in hot nude scene. There is also a shot of her gigantic ass with a deep crack between her succulent buttocks and pic with her playing completely naked on silk sheet in bed…

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Kim Kardashian Playboy Pics

In case you have completely missed Playboy magazine issue with Kim Kardashian pics and still wondering what was there after my post (this one), you can check out Hot Porn News blog which recently has posted the rest of the pictures, they are ones of my favorite.

They depict Kim K in this dark romantic setting with expensive walls around, black silk linen and totally naked Kimberly, no boyfriend Ray J to distract you from this hottie this time. The rest is left to your imagination, a Playboy style…

Kim Kardashian Playboy Pic

More Kim Kardashian Pics from Playboy

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