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Kim Kardashian Playboy

Kim Kardashian Playboy After the debut in her Sex Tape, which starting to gain popularity, Kim Kardashian receives an offer from Playboy. And not just for simple photoshoot, but to be a cover girl for December 2007 issue. Something that’s not every celebrity has a privilege to get. So she can’t refuse. And again starring in her home sex tape pays off for Kim K in big.

But what you are about to see are not your average nude celebrity pictures either, Kim Kardashian gets completely naked for Playboy. She reveals her big round breasts, huge luscious booty and even her sweet shaved pussy too. Not that we haven’t seen that delicious body in Kim Kardashian Tape before, but only Playboy is able show you it in all its glory for you to truly appreciate it.

Hot Porn News has got some pics from this shoot with Kim Kardashian, the rest of them you will find in Playboy magazine…

Kim Kardashian Playboy Pics

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